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Finish Kitchen


Add some handles to drawers
*Do we have these already? If so, where? k.
C: These have been found and just need to be hung.

Under cabinet lighting
*Ikea has some nice LED strip lighting options for not too much money k.
C: So does Amazon prime! We should buy something. I don't care what. The sink, especially, could use some help.

Paint walls
*Do we have paint already? We also need to pick up a drywall repair kit. k.
C: All this needs to be bought. Likely, we'll decide on another wall color. There's a lot of places that need repair/re-texturing.

Also, fix some minor holes (extra hinges, nicks & dings) in the cabinets. This will take a bit of time with wood putty and is mostly scary due to matching stain issues. We need to take the hinges off the cabinet over the microwave because those doors are never going to come.


    Parts:  Minimal
    Labor:  Not much

Target Completion Date:   Lol, half of it's done now. New target? This year :)