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Activities and Camps

Rian currently attends Tae Kwon Do at Yi Sport

She has attended the Little Gym gymnastics program a couple times and we are considering enrolling her in that as well (because she loves it!)

Rian *loves* a bunch of activities that aren't subscription based like the martial arts or little gym. 
*Pump It Up - Air castle wonderland.
*Any park, especially those with sweet playgrounds.

Celeste is looking into other activity options, especially for family nights and summer camps.
*Equestrian schools (Celeste loves horses too!)
 - Gold Creek Equestrian - recommended by a "horsey person" and has no age minimum. Best bet!
 - Red Gate Farm - a summer horse camp for kids (ages 6-18)
 - Fox Hollow Equestrian - adults and children, English style, year round, TERRIBLE website
 - Legacy Hunters and Jumpers - adults and children, English style, minimum age of 8. 
 - Camp Wahoo - ages separated 11 & under or 12 & up, summer camp, overnight for a week
 - Randee Fox - Blue Heron Ranch, 8 and up.
*Discovery Park summer camp
*Woodland Park Zoo day camp (seems to be year round)
*Pacific Science Center summer camp

Rian's 5th birthday will be superhero themed!

Icebreaker ideas for superhero kids parties

Superhero games

Drink Ideas for Superhero Kid Birthday Parties:

  • Power Drink: Serve the well-known power drink - Gatorade. And super charge it with pop rocks that'll crackle, pop and split right before the kids' amazed eyes.
  • Transforming Drink: Superheroes are always transforming back and forth. Here's a drink that'll transform right before the kids' eyes. Prepare colored ice cubes beforehand with colored fruit juice, concentrate, or by adding a few drops of food coloring to each compartment before placing the tray in the freezer. Then, when you put the colored ice cubes in a clear drink like Sprite, it suddenly transforms into that color.