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Burning Man


2005 - MST3Kamp
MST3Kamp is an interactive deconstruction of Hollywood swill featuring nightly screenings with running audience commentary of the movies you love to hate.

2006 - The Scissor Farm (a member of the Area 2257 village)
And what a boozy cookie you will be. Let white coated exhibisionists with sharp sharp scissors dance the moonwalk on your boozy little head. Arm yourself with holsters of toast for a sleek new canoe from The Scissor Farm.

Need to find photos!

2007 - Nacho Kamp, Bitch!
This space would have been occupied by a clever description but we did not register as a theme camp this year and just winged it.  We did serve a lot of nachos that were torched on a stop sign though.

Sean's photos and so much more in the flickr pool.

2008 - Black Rock City Community Center
Every community needs a center of support for those truly dedicated to normalcy, perhaps nowhere more so than BRC. We provide fun-house mirror reflections of all of the usual church-basement standards: bingo night, scouting get-togethers, AA (Alcohol is Awesome) meetings, and so forth. BRCCC: We're Here To Help. Maybe. 

Sean's photos and over a 1000 more in the flickr pool.

2009 - Moonrock
After focusing on integrated theme camps for many years, Moonrock has decided to expand its field of vision and bring the playa a spectrum of smaller wonderful units: an interactive and multifunctional art vehicle, community workshops, bad ideas, and a fierce dedication to heckling and shenanigans. 

Sean's photos and a bunch more in the pool.


Stimulith - even though it never launched, we've still got photos


Cow skull art car

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