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Places to visit:

Awesome places we've been:
(Sean, stop making fun of my cement plant and asphalt trips... they're still awesome places that *Celeste* has been to!)
    -Vancouver, BC
    -Orlando Theme Parks  (Photos from 2010)
    -China  (Photos from 2010)
    -Savannah  (Photos from 2010)
    -Italy (Photos from 2009 here and here)
    -New York (Photos from 2007)
    -San Francisco (Photos from 2007, 2008)
    -Japan (Photos from 2007, 2008/2009)
    -Disneyland (Photos from 2007/200820082009)
    -Hawaii (Photos from 2007, 2009)
    -Jamaica (Photos from 2007)
    -London, England (Photos from 2009 here and here)
    -Cairo, Egypt
    -Lafarge Cement Plant in Seattle (Photos from 2008)
    -Eastern Washington for a Warm Mix Asphalt tour (Photos from 2008 but camera settings say!)
    -Paragon, Indiana (Photos from 2008)
    -The air (Photos from various years, 2006 on)
Not so awesome places we've been:
    -Mazatlan - The food was terrible! (Photos from 2009)